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New York & New Jersey’s #1 Source of Bi-lingual, Culturally Competent Social & Healthcare Professionals.

With the diversity of the United States increasing at a rapid pace, there is also a swiftly growing demand for highly skilled, bi-lingual, multicultural and/or culturally competent social and healthcare providers. Supreme Consultants strives to serve various communities by making highly skilled professionals, capable of overcoming language and cultural barriers, easily accessible to those who need them most!

Supreme Consultants is the premier provider of bi-lingual professionals to the behavioral and mental health, social services and psychiatric fields in the state of New Jersey.

We provide healthcare staffing services for In-Community state programs, mental health facilities, community agencies and other various settings where highly skilled professionals and para-professionals are in demand. We also provide training workshops on a variety of topics catered to the needs of our clients. The majority of our service providers are bi-lingual and/or culturally competent—easily able to bridge the cultural gap between the communities they serve and the service providers for which they work.

Whether you are an organization wishing to hire the best, or a professional wishing to join the best, the Supreme Consultants Website provides amazing and unique opportunities
for both! Here, organizations can choose through a directory of highly experienced professionals, while providers are able to submit applications and/or resumes to organizations in search of their specific skill sets. Our goal is to link amazing providers with amazing organizations while also eradicating the miscommunications and confusion caused by language and
cultural barriers. Everyone is welcome to join our mailing list,
check out upcoming events and link directly to other healthcare sites of interest.

We invite you to take a moment to browse through our site. We
are certain that you will find it to be a wonderful resource which you will return to again and again.


  Some of the Advantages of Using Our Site:

  • Utilize our network of bi-lingual, culturally competent, fully-qualified personnel
  • Access to a network of personnel proficient in 30+ registered languages
  • Access to a directory of capable personnel for temporary-to-permanent positions, each of which has been screened by Supreme Consultants in advance
  • Training available
  • Free registration for applicants & organizations
  • Outstanding customer service

Come register and let us find you the opportunity you have
been seeking. Remember, registration is absolutely free.